Anthem: Crystal Cathedral Choir - "With Wings as Eagles" Composer Paul Williams; Benjamin Harlan. Arranger Benjamin Harlan. The Crystal Cathedral Choir is directed by Rebecca Lord, while Don Neuen is out of town.

Interview: John Paul & Eloise DeJoria - John Paul is a businessman and philanthropist, best known as the co-founder of the Paul Mitchell line of hair products. He also co-founded The Patron Spirits Company, as well as the John Paul Pet company. John Paul and Eloise are passionate about animals, and do not use animals in the testing of their products. John Paul is a member of the Horatio Alger Association and in 2009 was named Goodwill Ambassador by the Intergovernmental Renewable Energy Organization.

Music Guest: Beth Groombridge "No More Night." Composer Walt Harrah. Arranger Camp Kirkland. Beth is the former music team leader for the Crystal Cathedral worship serves. She and her husband Sean currently live in Canada.

Message: Steven Arterburn is the host of "New Life Live," a nationally syndicated faith-based talk show, carried on 180 radio stations nationwide. He has been a frequent guest on Good Morning America, CNN Live, ABC's World News Tonight, and Oprah. Steve is a leading authority on human relationships. He has also authored over 100 best-selling books, including his latest, "Walking into Walls," Today, Steven will deliver a message entitled, "Walking into Walls," based on his new book.

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