This is the Dharma talk of Thay offered in French in the Upper Hamlet of Plum Village on Thursday, July 12th, 2012. To listen in English, use just the right earphone.

00:00 Sitting Meditation
33:00 Mindful movements
41:28 We need spiritual dimension to deal with our life
42:20 Spriritual body
43:20 Buddhakaya (佛身), Buddha body
44:40 Dharmakaya (法身), Dharma body
45:00 The story of Vakkali
50:17 Sanghakaya (僧身), Sangha body
53:35 The Buddha should be a living Buddha, not the Buddha statue, living Buddha can be found in us
55:20 The Dharma should be a living Dharma, not the cassette, written dharma, or spoken dharma, living dharma is the practice
56:35 The Sangha should be a living Sangha, the community does not practice then it is not a living sangha, community in which every person can generate mindfulness, concentration, insight, brotherhood and sisterhood.
59:40 Building sangha is a noble life
01:01:30 The Anapansati Sutta, 16 exercise of mindful breathing
01:04:18 First exercise: Recognition of in-breath and out-breath
01:07:29 Second Exercise: Following the in-breath and out-breath
01:11:07 Third Exercise: Recognize the body, come back and be one with our body
01:14:00 Fourth Exercise: Releasing the tension in our body
01:18:00 Relaxation Total can be organized once a day
01:19:40 These 4 exercise can be practiced anywhere you want to taking care of our physical body
01:20:20 The domain of Feeling
01:24:30 Fifth Exercise: Touching Joy (喜覺)
01:28:00 Sixth Exercise: Touching Happiness (樂覺), 離生喜樂,念生喜樂,定生喜樂,慧生喜樂
01:33:00 Seventh Exercise: Recognize a painful feeling
01:38:50 Eight Exercise: Bringing relief to our painful feeling or suffering

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