Meet Sasha, a dog, and her buddy Dennis the Menace, a pig, who live at Tracey Shepherd-Davis and Jesse Flegg's forever home. Caroline Wong and her friend Marianna Pinto visit the sanctuary. Caroline becomes an activist asking, Why Love One and Eat the Other?, alluding to a TTC campaign run by

Starring: Dennis the Menace, Sasha, Caroline Wong and Marianna Pinto; directors: Anita Krajnc and Humberto da Silva; camera: Gurleen GIll Levitt & Anita Krajnc; editors: Humberto da Silva and Anita Krajnc.

Special thanks: Tracey Shepherd-Davis, Jesse Flegg, Sylvia Fraser, John Jessome, Louise Jorgensen, Susan Krajnc, Kirk Lilwall, Laura Nashman, Joanne O'Keefe, Nina Muller, Karol Orzechowski, Sunny Yi & TPS volunteers

The "Why love one?" project is made possible by funding from Culture & Animals Foundation, an organization dedicated to advancing animal advocacy through intellectual & artistic expression. Learn more at
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