A tarantula on a Saint Honorè cake, ok this is vintage Chandler but it sums up quite well the impression those poison candies must have made in the first MTV Italy magazine Sonic back in 1998.
Aphex Twin e Chuck D thrown in the mix to draw attention on other issues.
Two seasons spent investigating mediaforsaken sounds and places: Darlington, studio flats in Essex and the outer reaches of the Northern Line.
We’re sorry but we can’t include THE CITY WITHIN featuring Peter Hammill(Van Der Graaf) and David Thomas(Pere Ubu). Two otherworldly gentlemen strolling and exchanging views on city gardens. The episode was never released due to a drastic change in the company’s policies.
A team to die for: me and Chris Williams on camera, Goetz Werner stories, footwork and PR, Antonella di Lazzaro all the boring things the others wouldn’t do.

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