About Teacup Pigs.

Teacup pigs, also known as miniature pigs or micro-pigs, are not a breed of pig but rather a size classification. Teacup pigs have been crossed over generations with Kune Kune, Tamsworth, Glouchester Old Spots, Pygmy hogs and Vietnamese Potbellies to create the miniature version of pig small enough to keep indoors.As piglets they are small enough to fit into teacups but their name was originally derived from UK breeder Christopher Murray from Pennywell Farm in Devon whos pigs shared as much a love for tea as he did.

Jane Croft who is based in the UK and almost entirely responsible for bringing these pigs into the media and making them popular even with Celebrities states that teacup pigs shouldnt be larger than 30kgs in weight and 45cm in height when fully grown. Most of our pigs average out between 30 and 35cm as fully grown adults. While a full grown teacup pig isn't quite able to squeeze into a teacup it is still far from the average size of a Potbelly (averaging 60 - 120kgs) or farm pig (weighing up to 400kgs!)

Teacup pigs make extremely good pets. Their small size allows them to live anywhere that a medium sized dog could live and their intelligence has them as easily trained as even the smartest dog breeds. They are very healthy and hardy animals and are very clean. Sadly we have dipicted pigs and filthy animals, constantly coverd in mud or dirt, however the truth couldnt be further. Pigs love water and enjoy swimming when they are hot, they will choose clear, clean water to swim in over a muddy pool. Pigs choose only to coat themselves in mud when there is no shade or sun protection.

Pigs make great pets for people allergic to cats and dogs as they have hair and not fur.

These animals are highly intelligent and also herd animals by nature. If you are not going to be with your pig most of the day or leave them with other pets, (never dogs) a selection of toys or activities needs to be setup or availble to keep your pig stimulated and busy. They are fourth in line when it comes to I.Q. with only humans, primates and dolphins/whales having a higher I.Q. than pigs.They can be trained to use a litter box or do just about any trick one can teach a dog. Pigs are motivated by loyalty, eagerness to please and of course, food.

This is a versatile and wonderful animal and one will be amazed on the overall effect these little pigs have over both a home and a heart. They have a unique temprament that is charming and calm and is layered, or even more layered, than any other pet temperament that you could bring into your home.

So while these pigs may be tiny in stature, there is absolutely nothing tiny about the personality of this animal or the love that owners feel for their cherished pigs!

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