The Polish School is a short documentary about a young Polish community who have made Galway, Ireland there home. Worried about the sense of dislocation inherent in being a migrant, the community responded to their distant from home by forming in 2009, a school for their children. Held every Saturday in an Irish state school, the children are taught Poland's Language, Geography and History.

Crucially, the school does more than simply provide lessons in grammar. The school has enabled this community to create a hub, a point of contact. Within this vibrant transient space, the nature of what 'home' could be is up for grabs. It is a safe space in which ones sense of identity can be nurtured and understood. Essentially, the documentary dips into the lives of teachers, parents and students garnering their thoughts and feelings about what it means to be Polish and living in Ireland. Asking, in which language do you dream?

This documentary was made with the generous support of the Galway Film Centre and Galway/Mayo Institute of Technology (G.M.I.T).


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