Edited by: Daniel Myers

Films were produced while studying at the American Film Institute.

"Future Me"
Director: Eric Yang
Screenwriter: Jack Edward Tremper
Cinematographer: Kristin Fieldhouse
Editor: Jeremy Lerman

"The Unfortunate Truth"
Director: Jacob Lundgaard Andersen
Story By: Hank Hoffman
Cinematographer: Gareth Paul Cox
Production Designer: Lauren Spalding
Editor: Oliver Harwood

Director: Camille Stochitch
Screenwriter: Liska Ostojic
Cinematographer: Carolina Costa
Production Designer: Jacob Whitmore
Editor: Daniel Myers

"Polly Vaughn" (16 mm)
Director: Per Krogh
Cinematographer: Sara Ross Samko
Production Designer: Elena Koslovschi

"Lost and Found" (16 mm)
Director: Len LoBiondo
Cinematographer: Rose Fadem-Johnston
Production Designer: Jackie Kay

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