Thanks for clicking! Well this is a video, so i dont know just what to expect...hopefully I'd meet some decent people, a special someone..and maybe friends along the way.

So a bit about me: 25/28, 6'-0 3/4", 175lbs/185lbs, work full time, career-oriented, educatedish, driven. My peers would describe me as having a great sense of humor, bold and beautiful :). Im low maintenance and simple; and can be just as comfortable in gym clothes as I am in an evening gown. I'm independent, financially and emotionally, but still appreciate good old chivalry and respect :)

I'm open to meeting all kinds of people, hopefully you will be among them. I've mostly skated with Caucasian men in the past..but race isnt a big deal. Anyways, i have pictures to share, but not here. Shoot me an email if you're interested. Thanks for reading!

Oh and mom if your still reading, Happy Mothers Day, From Adam, and Liam

Special Thanks,

Thanks Mom and Dad for making me, I'd like to thank the moon for pulling the water out at Spanish Banks, Rich people who have come from all over, and given developers a reason to pave the mountains, I'd like to thank the academy, Miller, Dog Pro Productions, Wet Feet Productions, Wet Dog Productions, and the people who are about to make my greasy Chinese food.

And especially all of you who read this far down, What are you doing still reading, GO SKATE!

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