RAM Series #01 | 03.02.2012
Radical Animation and Musik | K77 -Lichtblick Kino- | SALON BRUIT BERLIN
Curated by Julian Bonequi | Audition Records
BEST BEFORE UNU (GR) Commissioned animation | Electronics & Realtime Animation
unu (Antonis Anissegos, music) and best before (Andreas Karaoulanis, animation) met in March 2010 on stage at a Festival in Thessaloniki, following the invitation of the festival director to perform together. The match was instant and after the success of their performance, they decided to form the duo best before unu.

Antonis Anissegos, pianist, composer and electronic musican.
Andreas Karaoulanis comes from a Computer Science and Animation background.

[ar075] BEST BEFORE UNU on Audition Records

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