A portrait of Canadian master architect 'Philip Beesley'. We met mister Beesley at the Dutch Electronic Art Festival (DEAF) in Rotterdam, may 2012. We talked about his newest creation, the Protocell Field, which is part of the Hyozolic Ground. The Hyozolic Ground is an experiment, a living machines, which perhaps will be applied in future architecture. We also talked about the the future of architecture.

With great thanks to mister Philip Beesley.

Produced | Directed | Edited by
Jelke Landman & Christiaan Kanis

Director of Photography
Christiaan Kanis

Camera by
Christiaan Kanis & Jelke Landman & Vincent Kars & Paul van Rijckevorsel

Titlesequence by
Paul van Rijckevorsel

Music by
Jelke Landman

Special thanks to
Sue Balint & Ine Poppe & V2_ Rotterdam & DEAF2012

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