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Duncan Nugget® #311: The Amazing Effects of Your Expectations

Three psychologists conducted an experiment. They gave hundreds of customers at a bar a choice between a free glass of beer from pitcher "A" (regular beer) or pitcher "B" (laced with a small amount of balsamic vinegar.) People sampled both beers before making their choice.

When people knew nothing about the vinegar most people chose pitcher "B".

When told about the vinegar ahead of time, people cringed in disgust when they tasted the vinegar-beer. When told about the vinegar-beer after they drank it, not only did the majority still like it, they asked for the recipe!

This effect happens to all of us.

If you are convinced ahead of time that something is going to be bad or good, chances are it will be. Not because of the experience, it's because of the amazing effects of your expectations.

Million-Dollar Question:
How are your expectations impacting the outcomes in your life?

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