An urban dance theatre piece by the dance collective nutrospektif

// c.o.r.e is an urban dance theatre piece, which reflects the conflict between what is inside and outside a human beeing. Considering the question of what it means to be different, the dancers express their similarities and differences. c.o.r.e is a short cut of a piece which is focused on individuality as one of the key issues in Hip Hop culture.

// nutrospektif is a recently founded female urban dance collective based in Germany. Retaining their origin of urban dance art, nutrospektif is working on dance theatre pieces in a contemporary context.

Dancers & Choreographers: Katja Denneng, Frieda Frost, Bahar Gökten, Dany Mba, Yeliz Pazar, Daniela Rodriguez Romero

For more information visit: facebook.com/nutrospektif

Email contact: nutrospektif@googlemail.com

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