John Roderick loves getting free things and hates "artist pricing," and I'm a huge fan of both his music and his podcast with Merlin Mann, "Roderick on the Line," so I made him this fuzz pedal. It's not something I'm selling or anything — I made it out of parts I already had on hand.

It's based on the old Jordan Bosstone, but I used a Russian surplus germanium transistor and New Old Stock General Instruments diodes from the 60's -- the same clipping diodes as the old Ampeg Scrambler octave fuzz. Combine that with some slight circuit tweaks and a "Sag" knob to simulate a dying battery, and you've got the Long Pig.

It's good at adding crazy harmonic complexity to chords, and it really cuts through a stage mix well. Through a completely clean amp, like my Vox AC15 in this clip, it's, well, sludgy and ugly. I filmed this demo on the most extreme settings to give a taste of the insanity this little baby is capable of. The pedal cleans up very nicely when you roll back the guitar's volume knob, turning into something more like an overdrive or distortion -- but those aren't the tones I'm demoing here.

I used a '92 Rickenbacker with Hi-Gain single coils, and nothing else. I recorded everything with a Blue Snowball mic into Logic 9, no EQ, no compression. I think the pedal sounds better through a tube amp on the edge of breakup, but I have neighbors, so I can't really crank my Vox at home. This demo captures the crazy distortion the Long Pig is capable of.

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