Introduction to the new version 2.0 on Exocortex ImplosiaFX.
The update includes a new, more handy way to fracture objects through operators as well as redesigned and extended ICE-based framework with support of all topology attributes like UVs\Normals\Materials without freezing and necessary caching. Dynamic topology I\O is allowed also. Significantly increased stability and speed on a very heavy objects. Added ability to paint any regions that you want to fracture via either weight maps or textures.

1) Quick fracturing via operators: 0:05
2) Base setup from ICE: 02:28
3) ICE-Based Slicer: 07:19
4) Fracture mask: 13:04
5) Normals recomputing: 19:48
6) Fracturing example - simple wood splinters through "Continuous": 22:56
7) Fracturing example - simple wood splinters through "Voronoi": 27:37

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