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A new Stargate Universe Fan Film created by Power543 Productions ( Samuel Cockings) due to be released in 2012
SGU: Distant Hope is an original story with new characters taking place in the first half of season 1 and incorporating key events and themes from the series, while maintaining its own unique narrative.

Samuel Cockings filmed this over several long day shoots in many different locations, as well as spending hours in a high quality blue screen studio to allow me to create digital effects that would not only allow me to add my characters onto the Destiny but also within existing show footage.

I do not claim any copyright to any music or ideas in this film, the purpose of SGU: Distant Hope is purely to entertain as well as to celebrate this excellent science fiction series.

The story follows a Major Liam Hunt, an Air Force observer, who was sent to help Icarus base in solving the 9th chevron who then gets thrown onto Destiny and has to come to terms with his loss and deal with an almost insurmountable scenario. We see him at his high and lows, and all though the narrative and in the camera style of Stargate Universe.

Cast : Kilian McIntosh, Leah Smith, Chris Burdett, Samuel Cockings, Adam Brett

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