PURE FLOW has been selected by Jacob Lillemose for Transmediale 2013 - Back When Pluto Was A Planet

PUREFLOW [mobile edition] is a miniature, hand held application for a mobile and global audience; revealing the noise generated between GPS data systems and multiple satellites, 3G networks and Wifi hotspots as a tangible presence in the environment.
These networks lie at the threshold of everyday visibility - satellites moving persistently through orbit - phone mast transmission - wifi connection. This APP visualises the instability and fragility of Live signals, passing through cloud cover and urban architecture; absorbed by bodies, reflecting off concrete and refracting through glass.

Once activated, PUREFLOW reveals these signals as a sliver of fluctuating white noise, responding directly to the movement and immediate environment of the device. The phone becomes a probe to sample and reveal this immersive and enveloping field.
PURE FLOW subverts the use-value of GPS as a surveying and navigational tool; revealing invisible data streams and highlighting their increasing ubiquity, as sophisticated military technologies become key components in daily life. As a white noise generator, PURE FLOW reinstates negative space in the cultural icon of the iPhone.
PURE FLOW can be experienced as a gallery installation with a large-scale screen. The technological architecture reinforces the themes in an immersive space; as projected light reflects and refracts around the room, echoing the flight of GPS signals, which creates the noise-image-sound.

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