There are few ways out of tyranny and back to freedom. Bloodshed and war are often the most common, but our founding fathers learned of a better way. They established a three vote system by which an informed citizenry can control those acting in the name of the government. Our first vote everyone knows about. It is at the polls on election-day when we pick those who are to represent us in the seats of government. But what can be done if those elected officials just don’t perform as promised or expected? Are we to wait till the next time around and hope that the new guys will repeal the bad legislation that was passed? Well, the second two votes are the most effective means by which the common people of any nation on earth have ever had in controlling those appointed to serve them in government.
The second vote comes when you serve on a Grand Jury. Before anyone can be brought to trial for a capital or infamous crime by those acting in the name of the government, permission must be obtained from people serving on the Grand Jury! The purpose of the grand Jury can be thought of in this way: “A Grand Jury’s purpose is to protect the public from an overzealous prosecutor.” Remember, prosecutors earn advancement by “wins” not by seeking justice. The prosecutor is going to do everything in his power to convict. It is our duty as WE THE PEOPLE to keep that in mind and be the ones that keep our eye on justice. Justice and legality is not always the same thing. In the early days of America, anyone who hid slaves or helped a runaway slave was guilty of breaking the law under the Fugitive Slave Act. Today, we think of slavery as reprehensible and would do everything in our power to stop it. But, back then it was the law. So, it is important to remember that not all laws are made with the good of the populace in mind.
The third is the most powerful vote: this is when you are acting as a jury member during a courtroom trial. At this point, “the buck stops” with you! It is in this setting that each JUROR has MORE POWER than the President, all of Congress, and all of the judges combined! Congress can legislate (make law), the President or some other bureaucrat can make an order or issue regulations, and judges may instruct or make a decision, but no JUROR can ever be punished for voting “Not Guilty!” Any juror can, with impunity, choose to disregard the instructions of any judge or attorney in rendering his vote. If only one JUROR should vote “Not Guilty” for any reason, there is no conviction and no punishment at the end of the trial. Thus, those acting in the name of government must come before the common man to get permission to enforce law, any law.

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