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Love Letters addresses the real-world issues of road and bicycle safety through the delightful and engaging medium of stop motion animation designed by award-winning animator, Laura Yilmaz. This series depicts the joys and struggles of a relationship between "Auto" and "Bicycle" as they share the road together.

Credits: | Share Our Streets
Executive Producer: Georgia Case, Idea Group
Associate Producers: Margo Newman & Jaime Ryan Heintz
Director/Designer: Laura Yilmaz
Animation Director: Musa Brooker
Stop Motion Animation: Musa Brooker
Stop Motion Animation Assistants: Elyse Kelly, Laura Yilmaz
2D Animation: Laura Yilmaz
Composer: Ben Decter
Sound Design/Mix: Jaime Ryan Heintz
Title Card Design: Baktaash Sorkhabi
Graphics: Parallel-Play
Filmed at Starburns Industries, Inc.

Permission to use is available upon request from:

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