EPISODE 03 - 10/JULY/2012

Questions Answering:
1. Is it possible to measure the formal and informal ways in which a community works?
2. What is the average life of a creative community? Or is their and average?

Questions Asked:
1. Is a community project scalable? What kind of strategies are their to do that?
2. What strategies can governments use to encourage, stimulate and help bottom-up initiatives to grow? Or should they leave them alone?

TWO QUESTIONS is a part of the research I am undertaking for my graduation project on the topic of Active Creative Communities. In this series I have been talking to different people about building creative communities and how they experience this on a practical level. Each conversation I have is influenced by the previous conversation and that conversation will influence the next. In this way a chain of conversations I have had, and will be having result in this series of TWO QUESTIONS. As time goes on there will be a database of possible answers to problems and questions people are having with their own active and creative communities.

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