Bla Bla BLa: The Live Show
Episode 14 - July 8th, 2012
Vague Souvenir

7:43 Daily Celebrations
10:57 Secret Family Cult Club turned 1 year old
20:51 Red Crown Crane New Pieces Of Life
37:07 "Root Down" t-shirt
44:48 Vague Souvenir
1:06:36 Chaos & Communion
1:31:15 Contest

Vague Souvenir

The 14th edition of the Bla Bla Bla: The Live Show that took place on July 8th has been a true celebration, not only for the members of Your Favorite Enemies, but also for the fans, as they saw the release of new jewels from the Red Crown Crane Collection, and the release of a new album, called "Vague Souvenir".

A few months after the launch of the Red Crown Crane collection, Alex and Miss Isabel created new jewels of different colors, all symbols of the hope they desire to convey with this collection.

"Vague Souvenir" is a project that is very close to the band's heart, an album that recollects and remembers the last 5 years of the band. With 14 songs, this musical journey brings us through a lot of emotions, with songs written in the first years of the band, soulful covers from artists that significantly marked this journey, and 4 french poetry songs from Alex. Five of these songs have been performed live, including "Sketching Dreams", "I See A Darkness", "City On Fire", "O.N.F", and "If You're Passing By"...

The year called "Ceremony And Jubilation" is only starting for Your Favorite Enemies, but with such a start, we can only get more excited for what's ahead.

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