This is the third talk of Thay from Week 2 of the Summer Opening Retreat, offered in the New Hamlet of Plum Village on Monday, July 16th, 2012.

00:00 Title Screen
02:00 Monastic Chanting: May the Day Be Well in English and Vietnamese
17:35 Today Is a Beautiful Day
18:10 Introduction
19:00 Pebble Meditation
28:15 Frederick, the German Businessman
31:35 The First Mantra: Darling, I Am Here for You
35:20 The Second Mantra: Darling, I Know You Are There, and I Am Happy
42:00 Telephone Meditation Gatha
48:45 Judge of the Supreme Court in India: Telephone Meditation
50:00 Summary of Today's Teaching
53:33 Mindful movement
01:00:10 Right view, right thinking, right speech, right action
01:04:05 Retribution (業報)
01:05:10 Retribution in term of 正報 is your body and mind; and Environment (依報), the environment is you
01:08:20 Man is the sum of his action (karma)
01:11:15 The path of buddhism is also a path of research
01:12:11 The practice of concentration and mindfulness
01:15:00 The Cell in our body work in harmony and goof communication, nobody play the role of president, this is the democratic in our body
01:16:15 There is no single cell making decision but it is the community of cell, the biologist has confirmed this
01:20:10 Right livelihood and diligence
01:24:00 True Communist
01:25:00 We are very happy to observe vegetarian
01:28:10 RIght diligence is not to force yourself, practicing meditation can bring lightness
01:29:20 Breathing and walking can bring freedom, free from the past and future
01:30:10 There is gatha (poem) to help you to practice walking meditation, brushing your teeth, sitting meditation, washing dishes, preparing breakfast
01:33:33 Right diligence is what buddha taught 4 steps: 1. Dot not allow the seed of negative to manifest, let them sleep at the bottom of your consciousness; 2. if the negative seeds already manifest then try to help it to return to store consciousness; 3. Give the good seed opportunity to manifest by watering the good seed; 4. When the good seeds already manifested then try to keep them as long as possible; these practice is called "Transformation at the base"

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