0:00 - 1:12 Canon 5D MK ii
1:12 - 4:15 Canon 5D MK iii
4:15 - 6:30 Canon C300
Over the course of three consecutive sunsets I took these three camera to Boston's Public Garden and Charles River and shot some random footage with each camera - basically just playing around with each for only about 2hrs or so per camera. The 5D MK ii shots was during the day (and a couple of indoor shots,) the 5D MK iii was around Sunset time and little after Sunset. The C300, however, was basically at night! It was shot with the ISO between 8000-20,000 for the whole footage! I just wanted to see how far the low light can be pushed. The C300 is an amazing camera! This is not a test or a scientific comparison but I must say I was also impressed with 5DMK iii footage. Obviously, for a fraction of the price of a C300 it's not a bad camera!
I don't know how 5D MK ii would have worked with Magic Lantern as this was not a hacked camera but can't wait for the 5D MK iii hack to be released!
Music was by Antonio Carlos Jobim: find it on iTunes:

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