In one take, a styrofoam cup is turned inside out without breaking. Excerpted text is from Jack Hitt's interview with a former Guantanamo detainee from This American Life episode #331. All sounds made with Dow Chemicals Styrofoam cups. This version is 09:52. The original, uncut version runs 20:33.

Public Screenings:
SAIC VCS Alumni Exhibition, Chicago, IL, USA.
The Sound of Art: DJ Battle Record, ed. Paddy Johnson.
Experiments in Cinema V 5.1, Albuquerque, NM.
6th Berlin International Directors Lounge 2010, Secret Codes, Berlin, DE.
Duration Screenings, London, UK.
Cirque du Filet Screenings, Northampton, MA, USA.
Antipodes: Festival Européen des Arts Indisciplinaires, Brest, FR.

It was originally installed and screened in a small detention "cell" recreated from documentary images taken by US soldiers in Iraq.

It is the third of three videos in a series that explores US detention sites and the War on Terror using documentary materials.

In the title, the numbers indicate the years the materials span while the lower case "i" (e.g., ipod, iphone) gives a nod to the sharing technologies that have allowed these contentious materials to freely circulate.

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