A project by Dinis Machado
With David Cabecinha e Jorge Jacome

International suport by Fundação Caloust Gulbenkian
Residency at Agora Collective
Co-production Citemor, Corp

A work for three performers in action for the construction of a single body. Through the relation with the most ruff materials they construct provisory devices and regards, in a place where body, as fundamental metabolic element, affirms itself as main source of desire, will, possibility, and pleasure.
Let’s take body as a space. The last space and a space with traces. Maybe a place.
What can I construct inside it, with it, throw it as a first toll. As a toll with history and identity.
…if we forget history. What remains of this identity, what from it is deep rooted as gesture and shape, instinct and reflex of a subconscious way of surviving, staying, persisting.
What are the potential possibilities in this body? – A tool. As potential for the suicidal as for the terrorist, or just for a quiet living and a necessarily slow experimenting of this body and it’s possibilities.
The very active defence of the space of this essential tranquillity.

Where to Start? Let’s start by forgetting everything, being sure that everything will happen again.
What would make no sense anymore, will be lost on this process. And new things will come in between the old thoughts.
Let’s start in the middle, because the beginning is fake. And we will stay there. Because to finish is a simulacrum. It is to convince ourselves that we have made sense.

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