Official video for first single Amy's Song, released July 18th 2012. Taken from the forthcoming album 'Testimony' to be released Sept 23rd 2012.

Made by: Mark Brants & Saskia Groenenberg
KingCrow Records 2012

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"Amy's Song" tells chapter 1 of my story........

I wrote this song after Amy Winehouse died, it is a song honoring her and all lost souls. There are many very talented musicians and artists we lost along the way, tormented by their own shadows.
I was inspired by the idea of the early New Orleans "jazz funerals", to write a song as a farewell, where everyone can walk along and celebrate the life of the deceased.
So to Billie Holiday, Chet Baker, Whitney Houston, Amy ....and many many more, and to all of you out there who feel a little or a lot LOST sometimes, this song is for you. Hope you all find your way!

"A typical jazz funeral begins with a march by the family, friends, and a brass band from the home, funeral home or church to the cemetery. Throughout the march, the band plays somber dirges and hymns. ("Jazz Funerals", 2004). A change in the tenor of the ceremony takes place, after either the deceased is buried, or the hearse leaves the procession and members of the procession say their final good bye and they "cut the body loose". (Let Me Do My Thang: Rebirth Brass Band- a documentary filmed and edited by Keith Reynaud, Jr.) After this the music becomes more upbeat, often starting with a hymn or spiritual number played in a swinging fashion, then going into popular hot tunes. There is raucous music and cathartic dancing where onlookers join in to celebrate the life of the deceased. (Let Me Do My Thang: Rebirth Brass Band- a documentary filmed and edited by Keith Reynaud, Jr.) Those who follow the band just to enjoy the music are called the second line, and their style of dancing, in which they walk and sometimes twirl a parasol or handkerchief in the air, is called second lining.(Spitzer, "Rebuilding the Land of Dreams-Part 7").. Where there was always music to lead the way when saying goodbye to the dead."

released 18 July 2012
p & c 2012 KingCrow Records
Made in The Netherlands/All rights reserved
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General info:

Written by: Saskia Groenenberg
Arranged by: Saskia Groenenberg/Danny La Haye/Damian Corlazzoli/Maarten Molema/Frans Verburg/Budy Mokoginta
Produced by: Budy Mokoginta
Executive producer: Saskia Groenenberg
Recorded at: Wedgeview studio & Mokosound studio
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by: Budy Mokoginta /
Artwork: Jacky van Heist /
KingCrow Records logo design: Felicia Scholten /
Single cover photography: Hans Reitzema /

Sara Bonne: Vocals and Backing vocals
Danny La Haye: Bass
Damian Corlazzoli: Guitars
Maarten Molema: Drums
Frans Verburg: Keys, Rhodes, Hammond, Grand Piano
Jan van Duikeren: trumpet &Bugel
MIchelle Oudeman, Shirma Rouse, Rob de Nijs: add. backingvocals

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