This is the Question & Answer Session offered by Thay as the fourth talk in the second week of the Summer Opening Retreat, given in the Upper Hamlet of Plum Village on Wednesday, July 18th, 2012.

00:50 First Question: How does it feel when you're dead?
10:45 Second Question: Why is it that sometimes we have the impression that we are all alone and nobody loves us?
18:30 Third Question: Some of the children have been playing a game that involves killing, and some of the parents say we should not play that game. Is it OK to play this game?
36:37 Fourth Question: Why nowadays many people afraid of silence, the prefer to put on music or television to occupy their space?
54:20 Fifth Question: Inside of me has a deep and powerful energy, sometimes this energy push me to do something that I don't want or I felt that I am the victim of this energy, I want to have more conscious choice for control to do something more positive?
01:10:03 How can we help people close to us to transform while he or she does not acknowledge his or her own suffering?
01:26:35 I try my best to practice mindfulness in daily life, but I'm not very strong enough to maintain my peace very well. My sitting meditation also not very stable since many things happening around me, one people said that I'm not ready to meditate, I want to ask what happened during sitting meditation and how do I continue with my practice?

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