Posted from inferior (choppy) transfer - for smoother flow:
Warning: language. Excerpt from hour-long piece I produced, directed, shot and edited, about a young man pays for college by dealing drugs in the ghetto he grew up in. Ironically, tragically, we'd lose cast member/tech advisor Rob Spangenberg (my bff at I.S. 145) to an overdose a month after shooting.
Leave comments if you dig.
Transferred from 3rd generation VHS (that's, kids).
Originally dedicated (in end credits) 'To all the slaves of New York...and all the non-New Yorkers - especially the whiteys', it was shot in 4 days, in Queens (underneath the #7 el and in the James Bland housing projects) and all over (and under) Manhattan. If nothing else, it's an accurate portrait of where and how we grew up.
I think we predated 'Man Bites Dog' (U.S. release), which it resembles in spirit, if not quality (I was all about 'natural' sound and light then; I was a lunatic child). Also 'reality TV', which it resembles down to overactive camwork and mix of fact and fiction.
@9:30, my Abuela, on the left.
@5:50, Metropolitan Museum of Art, smuggled shot.
@1:43, my aunt.

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