Bridging Heaven & Earth is delighted and honored to introduce our new "I Am" series. These short (under 5 minute) introductions to the wondrous Bridging guests, and other Bridging family members, is meant to serve as a beautiful awakening to the opportunity presented by the Bridging guests and their longer, more comprehensive Bridging show interviews. Enjoy.

Lori Ann's full Interview on Bridging Show # 278 is at:

Lori Ann is a professional landscape designer/landscape contractor, artist and sculptor since 1983. She has produced many award winning private and commercial/public projects and art installations.

Lori Ann's work is an ongoing synthesis of her lifetime of creativity in the renaissance arts. She began at an early age sewing with her Sicilian grandmother and mother, noted seamstresses, and making shoes with her grandfather and contemporaries. Always one for original fashion, this gave way to her own original couture, which remains to this day. Never one to stop learning or creating, she has mastered most skills and techniques that are required to create anything.

In her early days of farming on a Pacific Northwest island, she learned to weld as a necessity, while driving tractors and combines, haying, raising grain crops, cattle, sheep, poultry, organic crops and products, all the while running a successful custom shoemaking studio. This led the way to becoming one of the most highly sought after designers and fabricators of Topiary, the art of living sculpture. Thousands of shapes, displays, gardens and installations later, Lori Ann started experimenting with these steel welded forms, adding either fiberglass, ferro-cement or other permanent shaping exteriors, and adding ceramic tiles, handmade tiles, glass, mirror, semi-precious stones, stones, and other materials.

These mosaics & sculptures are made to be interior or exterior, are completely water-proof, and are all structural climbing objects. If you can imagine it, it can be made.

Lori Ann currently has these works in progress:

A 10' roadrunner, a herd (5) of full size horses, flying hummingbirds (5'x 7'), a huge peacock with very big fanning tail (7'x 9'), a Dancing starfish (3' to 8'), and a 9' strolling razor clam.

Highlights of a variety of Lori Ann's Installations, Collections, or Shows since 1990
Cal Sate Fullerton-Fullerton Arboretum CA/topiary structures,

Horton Plaza San Diego CA/topiary structures and fountains

3rd Street Promenade Santa Monica CA/topiary structures, consulting,

Disneyland CA, FL/topiary structures, consulting

Portland Arboretum OR, Seattle Arboretum WA/topiary structures

Sacramento City Park CA, City of Hope CA Sculpture Garden/steel sculptures

Gilroy Gardens (formerly Bonfonte Gardens) Gilroy CA/topiary and steel structures

Portland Zoo OR, Little Rock City Park AK/topiary and steel structures

Trenton Peace Garden NJ/sculpture, Maui Sea Center/mosaic sculpture,

Santa Barbara Zoo CA/mosaic sculptures, City of Santa Barbara, CA/mosaic sculptures/City waterfront/Chumash collaboration, Spring 2011 SB Airport Terminal Building; Lotusland CA/topiary sculptures, Seattle Sculpture Park WA, Ojai CA/mosaic sculptures

Houston TX, Spoleto Festival SC, Ventura CA/topiary and mosaic sculptures

Along with many clients and gardens, private and public, around the US

Lori Ann is also a joyous and loving collaborator in the Bridging International Healing Art Project. To see Lori Ann's amazing manifestation, go to:

Lori Ann David Design Studios: 1581 San Roque Lane Santa Barbara, California 93105; Cell: 805-452-1397 Office: 805-569-5009

Lori Ann's website is:

Bridging's YouTube Channel is:

Bridging's International Healing Art Project website is:

Bridging's website is:

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