This is a video I made covering the Anti-Breed Specific Legislation Protest in London on the 14th July 2012

The video shows:

Coverage of the protesters

Snippets of interviews with (spellchecked!!!):
Carol Bell, exempted 'pit bull type' guardian
Naill Lester, of New Hope Animal Rescue
Sarah Fisher, Dog behaviourist
Adele Smith, of Canine99 Dog Rescue
Sian Morton, of DDA Watch

Selected full interviews available, including one with pit bull inspired music creator Maria Daines

Topics Covered:
Process for exempting a banned breed
Breed Specific Legislation and why it does not work
The flaws in the legal process
Support available to victims
Alternatives to BSL

Many thanks to everyone who participated and came to the protest, and everyone who helps change perceptions of the UK system for dealing with 'dangerous dogs'.

Song: 'Cerberus Is As Cerberus Does' by Flipron
(Disclaimer: Please do not pick apart the lyrics of this song, for whilst I was inspired to think that Cerberus was probably a Pit Bull type of dog, this song is literally about the Gatekeeper Hound.)

For dogs everywhere. Whatever size, shape or colour.

In memory of all those who have lost their lives to this law.

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