On 6/2/2001 I was the driver in a head-on car collision which nearly took my life. The "fatality squad" was called to the scene of the accident because the first responding officers assumed I was dead. I was, in fact, alive, and I was eventually air-lifted to the hospital with a broken C-2 Vertebrae
(same spinal column break as Christopher Reeve).

In 2004, after years of living with crippling chronic pain, (and the side-effects caused by the drugs given to treat the pain), I found medical cannabis. Later that same year I was arrested for possessing this plant, which started me on a journey for the truth concerning it's prohibition.

This documentary is about one courageous man I met along the way, a man fighting for freedom and civil rights of cannabis consumers around the country, ED "NJWEEDMAN.COM" FORCHION.

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