Bridging Heaven & Earth is delighted and honored to introduce our new "I Am" series. These short (under 5 minute) introductions to the wondrous Bridging guests, and other Bridging family members, is meant to serve as a beautiful awakening to the opportunity presented by the Bridging guests and their longer, more comprehensive Bridging show interviews. Enjoy.

Inelia's full Interview on Bridging Show # 281 is at:

Inelia arrived on this reality matrix for one lifetime only, and there is but one mission she arrived with, and that is "to raise the level of vibration of the planet", after which, she will cease to exist. This places her in the position of having no attachment to her own life, awareness, development or enlightenment as an individual. Inelia is not unique, as there are thousands of individuals like her on the planet at the moment.

Inelia's assignments have changed very little throughout her life. She has been involved in assisting lightworkers and lightwarriors in their awareness path as well as exploring and investigating what the "dark side" is up to. She has also been developing tools and exercises which are quick and effective in the raising of awareness and vibration of individuals and the collective. Inelia's journey has not been without its dangers, failures and injuries, but has been worth it.

In the 90s and 10s, Inelia used the internet and books to share a message of empowerment. But she kept her identity and name to a minimum. On January 2010, she received a request from "Source" to go public as a person, which she has done. The first action she took was establish the website, and place as much material there as she could. This latest assignment has been growing steadily, and reaching a broad spectrum of sentient consciousness in and around the planet.

Inelia's main messages are:

• The biggest secret that "the powers that were" do not want you to know, is that each individual can create, manifest and manipulate his or her own reality.

• Collective reality is based on "agreement".

• The human race acts as a collective, and by keeping the masses asleep, the collective can be steered whichever way those who are into "power over others" want it to go.

• What keeps the masses asleep is the energy of fear. Most of the worldwide media, technology and policy is geared to propagate and infuse the collective with fear. By processing and integrating fear, a person can no longer be manipulated by external influences. By reaching a critical mass of individuals on the planet who process personal and collective fear, we break the chain and the collective wakes up en masse.

• The Shift is not something that will happen overnight, but something that was strong enough to be felt in the 50s, and has been accelerating ever since.

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