Performance artist and choreographer Alice Tatge has designed a programme of guided performance tours of exhibitions and gallery environments. These "alternative tours" are tailored to the specific art works displayed as well as the architecture of the space in which they are located, but most importantly they are uniquely devised for the individual visitors experiencing them.
Tatge's work revolves around her interest in the phenomenology of sense perception and the possibility of providing interactive/ close encounter experiences for audience members, both in theatrical and non-theatrical environments. The "alternative tours" are an attempt to bridge or soften the gap between the subjective experience of the individual visitor and the objective, at times, intimidating environment of the museum or gallery. The aim is that of providing an experience for the visitor which brings the art works closer to the individual's uniquely subjective perception of them.
WALK WITH ME was commissioned by Waterside Contemporary for the Winter Pavilion Exhibition in January-February 2012. For this particular exhibition the tours acted as a bridge connecting the two sites of the exhibition: the interior environment of the gallery (artworks by Claudia Djabbari and Heidi Hinrichs) and the exterior environment of the Winter Pavilion (artworks by Marcin Dubek) as well as its surroundings.
Tatge's first performance tour was devised for the Hayward Gallery in London. The work entitled " Follow Me: A Rough Guide to Eyeball Massage" was devised for and in conjunction with the Pippilotti Rist Exhibition "Eyeball Massage" and it provided an "alternative tour" of the exhibition. This tour was performed by Alice Tatge during the months of December 2011 and January 2012. The tour lasted 20 minutes and had a limit of two visitors per tour.
Alice Tatge's performance work has been shown at the Hayward Gallery, Southbank Centre, Barbican, ICA, Wapping Project.
Special Thanks to "Walk With Me" performers: Flora Barros, Antonio De la Hera, Emma Dodds, Laura Ann Heywood, Rachel Middleton and Jedrzej Nyka for their commitment and enthusiasm.
©Alice Tatge 2011-2012

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