Hey Man thanks for checking out today's Back and Tricep Workout, where I'm gunna walk you through the form and techniques to get the SICKEST pump possible from this Hard Kartel routine:

(0:26) T-Bar Row / (1:24) One Arm Overhead Extension (3 Supersets - 12/10/8 Reps)
(2:24) Alt. One Arm Pulldown / (3:46) Elastic Kickback (3 Supersets - 12/10/8 Reps)
(5:02) Cable Back Extension / (5:58) Narrow Bosa Pushup (3 Supersets - To Failure)
*No Break Between Exercises In Superset.
*2 Minutes Break Between Each Superset.

Record your weight and results from each set in the this week's FREE guide at HardKartel.com and then get started on the only step-by-step training system you'll need to build 100% raw muscle over the coming weeks and months. You can also grab our Total Supplement Stack covered with a 12 WEEK Empty Bottle Guarantee, which means if they don't become your new favorite formulas, send them back for a FULL refund. hardkartel.com/order.php

Don't forget to spread the word on Hard Kartel if you got a solid pump with today's workout and supplements. I bet some of your buddies could really use the extra help in the gym!

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