HiBaby Diary is the sweetest and useful guide to the most exciting adventure ever: having a baby and, from the other point of view, coming to life.
We thought that it worthed to show both the aspects of being parent and baby (from super tender to super crying in just 5 seconds) through two differents style of editing and rythmes of music, but melted together, just like in real life happens.
Working with a baby was supposed to be challenging and time consuming. But it actually was the exact opposite.
He was a great actor. He slept when we needed him to sleep, he cryied when we needed him to cry, and even stopped crying just after the director said "end".
Shooting nice product shots of HiBaby's well crafted book and diary app was the natural prosecution of such a great shooting time.
Concerning the HiBaby Diary part, we had to talk about two products at the same time (a book & an app), with different core values, but with equal importance: in this case we adopted a nice split screen where objects go together to create a single image.

This was our fist time with a Chinese version of one of our videos! Check it out!
There's also an usual english version here:

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