This is the (End Of Voyage) video I edited on my B-Day/the last day of the voyage while traveling from Belize to the States.

Up's to:

(Rafael Aguilera) - Staff Photographer - for taking the amazing photos seen in the video! With out Rafael we would all be in the dark.

(John Vieira) - Communications Coordinator - for bringing it all together for us, and making our life's much easier while on the voyage. John is the man, and I feel extremely lucky to have such a mentor!

(Andrew Centofante) Director of Brand Strategy & Social Media - for leading us in the right direction with everything we did! Andrew was our contact from back home, and with out him this would not be what it is.

Big up's to the Administration team, Faculty, Staff, Lifelong Learners, and Students! With out all of your smiling faces this would not have been the AMAZING experiences it was.

Thanks for everything!

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