Today i feel a Viking energy auround me, so i decided to make Fate of norns Cover. =)
It sound differently of Inflames, no active pick up, rectifier amps, i try to have the closest sound of Amon Amarth. Please excuse the little missup in the speed part, i don't have a bionic arm, it's a little to long for me.
Please rate!!

Guitar: Gibson Explorer Voodoo
Strings: D'addario 63-13
Tuning: Normal B
Bass: Ibanez SRX-305
Amp: Peavey 6505 with 4x12 Marshall 1960
Recording with: Shure SM57 through my fucking Toneport UX2
Recording Software: Steinberg Cubase 3 SX
Drums: Toontrack SuperiorDrummer
Video Editing: Sony Vegas

The next song will be Trigger or Food for the gods or Behind space i don't know


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