The purpose of this project is to test a fundamental component of my masters thesis idea. The expected final thesis production to be shown in May of 2010 will integrate a projected grid of head-and-shoulder shots. This current independent study project is a scaled-down examination of the techniques and demands required to create the grid that will be paramount to the production in 2010.

Each head-and-shoulder in the grid was given 30 seconds to speak and 4 minutes to stare ahead at the camera. The total time spent in front of the camera for each shot is 5:30, because of a 30-second buffer at the start and finish of each shot. The timing of the speaking and staring depended on where the shot was in the speaking rotation. The time duration of this test grid is 4:32, due to a couple seconds of grace allowed for subtle deviations in speech times. It is intended to be looped.

The actual thesis production loop is expected to span the same number of minutes as there are shots in the grid, allowing 1 minute of speech per subject. I expect to have 16 head-and-shoulder shots in the grid, so with each having 1 minute of speech it should be a 16-minute loop. I will generate more tests in future development of the thesis production.

After much deliberation and thought, I decided to create this initial test with myself as the subject. This was done so that as the artist, I am able to acknowledge the demands made upon the subjects. To further understand the perspective of the subjects, the test grid dialogue is spontaneous and perambulatory as I intend it to be in the final production. In the actual thesis next year, I hope to include survivors of Multiple Myeloma, caregivers, doctors, and/or any other related individuals.

I am still in the research and development phase of the year-long endeavor. The grid will be projected as part of an multi-faceted installment at a gallery.

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