"An existential internal investigation. His 'condition' as Detective Monsanto sees it, is a metaphor for the deranging properties and symptoms of grief, guilt and conscience.

'Pieces of a Man' is an ode to the classics of film noir. The genre's conventions are both respected and flaunted, cinematic reference and reverence unashamedly permeate the bloodied fabric of this tale. In the direction, cinematography, costume, casting, original score and dialogue, it seems not a stone has been unturned in the design of noirsploitation.

Every tradition of the genre dance with a synchronicity that buffets the audience from a melancholic hypnosis to a wrenching finale.

The overall mood of the piece doesn't wash over the viewer, it is intravenous, mainlining through the arteries of a meditation on mortality and the destructiveness of love."

"Pieces Of A Man" won "BEST FOREIGN FICTION FILM" at the 2009 Action/Cut Short Film Festival in Los Angeles, and was shown in the 2009 Moving Image Film Festival, as part of the "Dark Images: Films From The Unknown Showcase" in Toronto.

John Bateman as Detective Monsanto
Jing Lusi as The Girl
Austin Newby as Mara

Produced by Benjamin Dawes
Directed & Edited by Joe Lovelock
Shot by Hu-Hsuan Wei
Sound Design & Music Composed by Will Parker
Written by Benjamin Dawes & Joe Lovelock

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