CARBON is a creation of fictitious worlds, drawing on my interest in the aesthetics of space exploration, microscopic discovery and abstract symbols. I am intrigued by the idea that so much of our expanding scientific knowledge is based on images from beyond our body's normal scope of vision. I am also interested in the challenge and implications of comprehending our relative scale within the universe.

These videos are made from camera-less negatives which utilize a carbon emulsion on a transparent base, the result of my experiments and manipulation. Numerous generations in the fluid’s history create minute evaporation trails, rendering an archeology of time.

Both the CARBON stills and videos are generated from extremely high resolution digital scans of these drawn negatives. I am applying this data in 3D topographic motion programs and producing electronic sound pieces in response to the imagery.

3D, Motion and Video Editing: Tal + Liron Unreich at NYC.

Sound + Visuals: Charles Lindsay

Please visit to view the CARBON stills and other work and for more on my sound projects.


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