A walk through the architecture of the Seventies and beginning of the Eighties. It's funny how outdated the ideas are, that people had about how we would live in the future that is our present.

Karl Schmucker, the architect of the two habitats in Mannheim, visualized the idea of a closed set of buildings that should contain everything a modern family needed: living quarters, bureaus, supermarkets, a cinema, a swimming pool, kindergarten and schools... He believed in a social model that obviously didn't come true.
The buildings were built between 1975 and 1982.

Music note: Moby - Stella Maris
(this is a completely private and noncommercial film. If it's still not ok to use it - i believe that i may claim fair use here - please give me a note and i'll change it. I really like the contrast of music and pictures though.)

Errata: Due to a misinterpretation of Wikipedia i thought that there were 2 architects involved which still shows in the credit-roll.

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