The National Deaf Children's Society asked us to come up with a short film to be played on an iPad to open the conversation between face to face recruiter and potential supporter. Our recommendation was to create a mood, a positive disposition towards the charity, through the video, and then allow the other necessary information to be given by the individual recruiter.

The film is to be shown in situations where there would a lot of be ambient noise, like at the door or in the street. This meant we couldn't be reliant on sound for anything. It had to work purely visually. If you turn the sound off, it will be obvious that it does. It was designed for a very particular purpose.

This is a recut of the original, made to encourage individual fundraisers. The ending has changed. The last 3 shots are new. All the text and messaging has changed too.

Watch the original:

For more, please read the blog post:

The film was shot by James Miller and
James shoots with a detached lens technique called 'lens whacking,' which bends the focal plane and infuses images with sculpted light.

Shot on a Canon 5D and 550D, with 1080p slow motion via FS-100.

Made by in collaboration with Anna Bell and NDCS
Music by Pitx

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