L99 was made due to Republicans opposed to Obamacare on 7-22-12. I re-wrote this on 10-2-13 to let em have it and again on 10-20 to tone down my anger, (see L5a @ 2 min vimeo.com/35287281). I started with their self deceiving label as (Boston) TEA PARTY Americans was not quite accurate.

This is the chronological proof I have that this TEA PARTY has evolved into a trait of the KKK, (when you Know Know Know you are wrong & evil as hell and try to paint it as doing the right thing).

[An example of the GROSS & black magic games THE FBI plays with me is a video called THE KLAN TRAILER at Vimeo, they were mocking this L99 and knew I was drinking lemonade.]

On 6-19-11 I emailed the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) to explain to them all the DIVINE SIGN information I have that showed heaven was in favor of Obamacare.

Class 167:
I show a picture of Obama in the 9-5-11 news as a sign that I should read the email I sent to the NRCC. I explain the divine signs in favor of Obamacare ARE TOO CORRECT TO IGNORE or argue with, (@ 13 to 26 min @ Vimeo).

On 6-25-12 I posted class L97 at Vimeo and @ 23 to 31 minutes I reiterate how wrong the Republicans are to oppose Obamacare.

On 7-22-12 I posted this class L99 at Vimeo and @ 9 minutes I show a lady in a devil suit and say to the Republicans "your horns are showing" implying they had crossed the line from being stubborn to being evil in opposing Obamacare.

In class L1c (@ 1 to 3 min) at Vimeo I say I bought the movie THE PENTAGON WARS because it was a sign from heaven of how much money, ($14 billion), the incompetent and evil morons at THE FBI have wasted in trying to murder me, (the one). I am well aware of the expensive and illegal deeds of THE FBI and in this L99 is when I first suspected that Republicans were submitting to THE FBI.

I've been boycotting the media for 8 years, (except on 10-1-13 to see if the government shut down), by January 2015 because they’re as 666 evil as THE FBI in #99 @ 1 to 4 min vimeo.com/36995187 and in L127c @ 3 to 15 min vimeo.com/107209155. There is a song that asks “how do you think he does it?” it by THE WHO called “that deaf dumb and blind kid sure plays a mean Pinball”, it’s #31@ youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVDkjTNqYqh2F7B0rf2SoXSMtmpZBuAZ4

[Another example of how evil THE FBI is I had to put earplugs in to block out the music they've been blasting from a radio station outside my window for the last 20 minutes, (trying to stop me from what I'm typing here).]

When I found out the Republicans were behind this government shutdown in trying to stop Obamacare then I realized they were being even more pussy whipped than in 2008, (= a "refrigerator wit" rw12:39pm//am on 10-2-13), in 2008 when they they picked a woman to be vice president. That was a loud and clear confirmation from God because the #1239 means "(Helen or) men submitting to and not opposing (Gen 3:16) the Eve nature of all women". I got a rw12:39am when I was writing a note of why I still couldn't get to sleep even after taking 20 sleeping pills. "It's a black magic curse from THE FBI to punish me for the articles I saved about the government shut down." That confirmed what I suspected, that the Republicans were submitting to THE FBI &/or evil women. To be confirmed exactly 12 hours later when was I was writing about the same subject is a sign that it's true.
In class L123 at Vimeo @ 33 minutes is two women warning Pollyanna (as me) that she's going to ruin the flag. It was a sign (from heaven) of women who should help God to defeat evil women trying to take over the USA. Even the police have been disgusted with how much THE FBI breaks the law.

class 171 @ Vimeo also applies:
I changed the ^thumbnail^ to Ben Franklin and John Adams (@ 5 minutes) with this label at the bottom: Shake and Bake (CHICKENS!) because it explains that part of the song and because it refers to this last line of The Star Spangled Banner: AND THE HOME OF THE BRAVE and the (CHICKENS!) label explains why they are praying this song to God:
[The hint is that your TEA PARTY is not being Republican heros.]

In this L99 @ 12 minutes I show Jer 29:7 as a suggestion that Republicans should pray for the success of Obama on 4-3-09 in class 127j, (see L97 @ 27 min). Also in L99 I went FROM SUGGESTING to TELLING due to how bad they were blowing it.
"It takes a (very) big man to admit when he's wrong", like the headline on 11-7-12 at nydailynews.com read:

Romney gracious at end of years-long White House run: 'I pray that the President will be successful in guiding our nation'

That's the Republican party standing up for God and country. Now I'm asking citizens to email their Republican representatives and say "support Obamacare or you might be replaced with a Republican who does". Also the USA needs to do to THE FBI as in L1c @ 1min vimeo.com/41659119.

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