The Sociable Table is an interactive bar table that helps patrons "break the ice". It's also a great way to interact with others. The Sociable Table is the answer to the question: what if your cups could talk?

Visitors will approach a touch-screen tabletop where they will be served the beverage of their choice and given the opportunity to mingle with the other guests. This drink (specifically the glass), will be their link to the table and will identify them during their session. They will be presented with the option to play (or join) games, send messages, and doodle (among other possibilities). The social connections they make will be visualized alongside their drinks through the use of an animated avatar. The Sociable Table was created from the Reactivision technology, and built from scratch.

Team Sociable is Adam Butterworth, Ayaka Ito, Luke Alessi, Sam Sawzin, Alex Zack, Matt Bruce, Andrew Sanjanwala, and John Barbagallo.

Team Sociable received 1 out of 4 $1,000 prizes that were to be given to the most creative exhibit in the ImagineRIT festival ( We also received the Marge Ruffing Memorial Award, a prize given to the exhibit that displays what RIT is all about — meshing the left and right sides of the brain, including the hospitality aspect of the exhibit.

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