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Imagine a photoreal animated 65" crocodile jaw snapping at you when you walk past. Thats just one of the fun moments from this project.
This was a project with several unique challenges including visualisation of the 100 day embyonic stages of a crocodile in 90 seconds - never seen before.
Digital Pulse was commissioned to provide concepts and animation work to fill several exhibits at the Sydney Wildlife Park. The target market demanded it be entertaining but not too facile. Our solution was to provide a range of different styles appropriate to each topic. This included developing encyclopedic pop-up book style animations, XRAY Eggs (a 3D rendition of the embryonic stages of a croc) and hip graphics to show the difference between a croc and perentie. The most technically demanding was the XRAY Eggs because no one has ever seen this process before and it had to meet stringent scientific scrutiny at the same time

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