Official version of FLUX series shown at Proabsthetics Exhibition held 19th July, at ROOM, Juta street Braamfontein, Johannesburg

Artist statement.

What constitutes reality and the set of aesthetics used in the study and industry of Digital Art has been a highly contested debate for many decades. Thus, in and amongst countless productions and reproductions of reality there seems to be a point at which the real ends and the impossible begins.

Proabsthetics explores manifestations of the impossibly real through the style and computational logic of digital abstraction. The exhibition consists of three series of simulation experiments performed with the use of the technology of Particle System Simulation. This body of work exhibits the use of a programmed, abstract aesthetic and constitutes digital visual productions created as Abstract Animation. The artist uses an intuitive style of parameter data manipulation and presents a re-evaluation of the aesthetics of this method of simulation. From here, this body of work is based on a set of chosen Thematic Aesthetics; Volume, Light and Flux.
In these series of experimental simulations it is proposed that the idea of the impossibly real is inherent in the role of abstraction. The Thematic Aesthetics chosen have significance with regards to the processes of experimentation implemented in this series. Upholding the integrity of the abstract aesthetic of this method of simulation is exhibited as an alternative means for portraying the real concepts that the Thematic Aesthetics describe. The products of these experimentations show that where a realist representation alone does not effectively interpret the resulting programmed aesthetic an impossibly real interpretation does. Ultimately, the results of these series of experimental simulations demonstrate the computational logic of the computerized system which the programmed, abstract aesthetic is inherently and eternally linked to.

Artwork Description for FLUX Series: (orginally intended without sound)
FLUX features attempts in strategy, synchronization and symmetry. FLUX manifests as regiments of control over the motion of self-organizing particle systems contrasted by states of black and white and gives way to the potential flaws of calculation within the system, indicative of the impossibly real.

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