Meet the Old Man. A gaunt, wild-eyed wraith of a man, Hockaday is kept bound to a wheel chair in the stock room and rolled in periodically to help determinethe value of an item using his gift of second sight. He received the paranormal gift by having unprotected sex with a gypsy, but was then cursed with a taste for human flesh after having sex with the gypsy's sister. So while an invaluable asset when it comes to certain aspects of the business, he frequently plays havoc with customer relations. Imagine if Charles Manson was the host of Antique Roadshow.

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If Pawn Stars met The Evil Dead, had a baby, killed that baby, resurrected the baby in
the blood of a virgin cheerleader and then fed it to the Sarlacc, the result would be Pawn
of the Dead.

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