Australian national women's champion Mischa Merz had reached the age of forty-five and was about to give up boxing altogether when she decided to give it one last go in the USA. In less than two years of training and fighting she found herself the American master's champion.

This book is the story of that improbable late run-success when she least expected it, and most wanted it. A journalist as well as a boxer, Merz brings her readers into the gym and the arena-starting with Gleason's in New York, then other boxing meccas in Florida, California, and across America-to witness firsthand the surprising, frustrating. Irresistible world of women's boxing.

'A beautiful journal-like book [that] documents the ins and outs of female boxing behind the scenes.' Lucia Rijker, two-time super lightweight world boxing champ.

Directed and Edited by Mark Welker
Cameras by Aaron Cuthbert and Mark Welker
Music by Andreas Männchen

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