Trailer for EXITUS ROMA, an epic short film about Roman Refugees from the Barbarian Invasions (AD 410). Shot on Canon 7D and GoPro Hero 2 cameras (we put the GoPro on swords, to get closer into a fight than ever before). Filmed over 3 & 1/2 days in Southern California. Trailer Edited by Zachary Dehm.

Teri Reeves, David Landry, Brad C. Wilcox & Nevin Millan
Directed by فواز المتروك Fawaz Al-Matrouk
Produced by Anna Elizabeth James
Associate Producers Josh Clavir & Jerome Dolbert
Director of Photography Jonathan Barenboim
Production Designer Bonnie Bacevich
Costume Designer Pheobe H. Boynton
Hair & Makeup Designer Cara Liedlich
Edited by Daniel Hanna & Nicholas Wenger
Original Score by Leah Curtis
Sound Design Frank Buckner, John Dion, Abby Potts, Nick Ronzio, Chris Whetstone & Bill Jackson
1st AD Michael Koerbel
Fight Coordinator Bill Leaman
Colorist Jerimiah Morey
VFX Randy Little
Historical Consultant David Stuttard, author of "AD 410: The Year That Shook Rome."

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