"The Singing House" is a didactic project aiming at presenting the theme of sustainability to the younger generations.

The low impact home is built out of a flexible structure which easily answers, over time, each and every requirement by its inhabitants. The home is displayed through a sequence of musical instruments that play in the different environments the diffusion of sustainable energy.

Sun, Earth, Water and Wind produce harmonies, rhythms and melodies. The music is generated by wind harps, water drums, tuba-phones and wind-chimes.
The instruments are tuned synchronously with the sounds of the natural environment through the harmonic analysis of the acoustic landscape.
The tuning changes in time at each modular variation within the home.

The Singing House is an idea of Andrea Bertassi, Emanuele de Raymondi, Maria Clara Ghia, Cristina Cassandra Murphy.

Architecture: XCOOP (Andrea Bertassi and Cristina Cassandra Murphy)
Music: Emanuele de Raymondi
Video: Siebe M. Voogt

The project has been Honored in the Research Oriented group and will be presented at the next EMUfest 2012 (International Electroacoustic Music Festival).

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