Premiered at the AMoA–Arthouse for the #FEED SXSW event from March 9-March 18, 2012

This 20' projected digital installation features the City of Austin immersed deep in the subaqueous bustle of SXSW 2012. The deafening roar of 500,000 people transforms into a tranquil Neptunian environment where glowing, deep sea fishes are generated by real-time feeds of Twitter data. Instantly see what topics are trending, who's Tweets travel farthest, and #FEEDthefish!

Partners: Twitter, Samsung, Learned Evolution, Topsy, The Meta Agency & Sonic Notify

Credits: Lee Billington & Lisa Kaselak. Coding and Architecture by Louis Acresti and Savannah Niles. Artwork by Ryan Ayers. Also used code in part by OpenProcessing contributors.

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